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Monday, March 19, 2007

These past few days.

As far as crafting goes, I have a total crafters block and it makes me mad. I cant sew something that I like lately, but I whipped this up the other day pretty quickly:

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This past week has been full of happiness of the simple kind. Jeff and I went to Ann Arbor Wednesday and just peoplewatched. We went to see 300 on Friday, which I enjoyed immensely. Saturday was spent working. I worked for 8 hours straight through, no breaks, just blowdrying and shampooing and everything in between. Didnt make decent tips in the least. Ah well, there are days where I can make 70 bucks easy peasy. However, I should be getting a raise this next week.

Jeff and I went to Comic City in Novi today and I picked up a few, namely one called "Bipolar", a teeny cute book called "Lunch Break Comix", and a random issue of "The Exterminator". They were all pretty good. Bipolar was artsy, Lunch Break Comix reminded me that drawing comics doesnt have to be a 3 panel joke, and The Exterminator was a standard comic book, plus some sick humour that I enjoyed. Plus an exploding gerbil.

No work tomorrow. I plan on going up to Value World and seeing what the pickins are on the fabric, and maybe trying to sew another top.

I want to list things on eBay this week or the next.

And I also want to put a few bags together to take up to Kitty Deluxe soon. I just cant get in the mood to sew bags right now, though.

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