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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth.

Jeff and I went to go see Pan's Labyrinth last night in Royal Oak. That movie caught me off guard, to put it lightly. There was so much brutality. It was not a fairy tale. The fantasy parts were not the majority of the movie, but they were definately the highlight. The reality was drab, dark, depressing...the fantasy was rich and bright. The fantasy was just as terrifying...but not in the same way. Pan was awesome. I loved his hands, especially. I did not like the baby-eating flesh guy at all. The hall he was in definately reminded me way too much of dreams I had as a little girl...and he was so saggy. Ew.

But an awesome movie, all in all.


James said...

01/20/2007 08:26:09 PM:
"Oh my god james. Pans labrynth is so. Goddamn. Scary."

BoBo C. Tiberius said...

So, can I get a quick, spoilerless summary of this movie? So, I can really want to see it?

Or, is it just a 2 hour long acid trip?

Isabel Krueger said...

I loved this movie! It so interesting and different. It had strange creepy realistic feel to it, even though it was very fantastical at times. I was completely unprepared for the brutality though.

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