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Tuesday, February 6, 2007


If you know me (which you dont, because nobody I really know reads this thing) then you'll know that I lurve lurve lurve Degrassi.

J.T. got stabbed on the rough streetz.

Also, I found Spike's MySpace. It seems too personal to be a fake so I'm just going to assume its her. Who knew she was so cute?!

And her MySpace.


Jessica said...

Hi, I wandered on here from Craftster. I COULDN'T BELIEVE J.T. GOT SHANKED EITHER. & did you see the thing after, how he knew about it all season long but nobody else did?

Such crap. That's like taking Patrick out of Spongebob.

& by the way, you make some nice clothes.

Sarah said...

They can't just be breakin my heart like that. I wonder if the actor wanted off the show or something? HMMM.

Isabel Krueger said...

I can't believed they killed J.T. either! He was the best. When I saw it, I was like "Oh NO they didn't!".

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